Hojack Trail - Webster

The Hojack Trail is located in Webster, NY and follows the route of the abandoned Rome, Watertown and Ogdensburg Railroad line.  Starting just north-west of North Ponds park, the trail runs north-west through Webster through mostly wooded areas.  After crossing an abandoned railroad bridg, trail comes to an  end at Lake Road after .
Trail Heads
In 2012, the trail was extended from Holt Road to Phillips Road.  The new trail section is currently hardpacked gravel (not quite pavement).  Parking is convenient along the north parking log of North Ponds Park, near Holt Road and Orchard Road. 
The old south-east trail head is located in the housing development called Cambridge Court, just off Holt Road (former location of Arena's hall).  This trail head still exists, although the signs have been removed and it may fall into disuse now that the new trail section provides easy access to the rest of the trail.
The north-west entrance is off Lake Road.  There is an old railroad bridge that crosses over Lake Road with a trail leading down to the road on the north-east side.  There is no parking at this trail head, although parking can be found 1 mile to the east at webster park or 1.5 miles to the west near Oklahoma Beach.
There are also trail entrances where the trail crosses Vosburg Rd., Drumm Rd., Van Alystyne Rd., Klem Rd. and Hard Rd.
Connecting and Nearby Trails
  • The south east entrance is near North Ponds park allowing easy access to the North Ponds Loop trail (1 mile).   There is a sign posted along the loop trail indicating where to exit for the Hojack trail.  Follow the exit, then turn left on Orchard Road, Right on Holt Rd. and the left into the Ryan Home development.
  • North Ponds park also connects to the Route 104 Trail running East-West (6 miles) .
  • The Bird Sanctuary Trail is located near the south-east trail head, off Orchard Rd.
  • The Gosnell Nature Preserve is located near the north end of the trail.  Turn east onto Vosburge Rd. and ride for 0.4 miles to find the entrance to the Big Field trail. 
  • The Whiting Rd. Preserve is located near the middle of trail. Exit the trail at Klem rd, turning east then north on Whiting Rd.  Proceed down Whiting Rd. about 0.9 miles and the trail entrance is on the right.
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Trail Features

Location: Webster. NY
Length: 5.2 Miles
Uses: Hiking, Biking, Cross-Country Skiing
Difficulty: Easy
West Section (old trail) - 3.5 miles
Terrain: Dirt
Topography: Flat
East Section (new in 2012) - 1.7 miles
Terrain: Hard Packed Gravel
Topography: Flat

Hojack Trail - Webster

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