Auburn Trail - Pittsford

The Auburn Trail follows an rail path for about 1.9 miles between the current Erie Canal path and Pittsford Plaza in Pittsford, NY.
Trail Heads
  • The southern end of the trail connects to the Erie canal path just west of Schoen place after crossing over route 96.  The entrance is poorly marked, but a trail can be found by turning into the maintainence complex then look for the round brick building.  The trail is just north east of the round building near some pine trees.  Make the first right turn to access the auburn trail.  There are several other trails in the woods nearby which loop around the maintenance area but are best avoided. 
  • The northern end of the trail ends behind Park Ave Bike Shop on Monroe Ave although the trail is not really discernable until a little further south, closer to to the Wine World plaza and the former Bird shoppe.  

Parking anywhere in Schoen Place or Pittsford Plaza works best.

Food and Drink

  • Schoen Place, near the southern end of the trail, offers ice cream at Bill Wahl's as well as several restaurants.  The Coal Tower is also a good place to grab a bite for bikers.
Connecting and Nearby Trails
  • The Auburn Trail connects to the Erie Canal trail, just west of Schoen Place.
  • The north end of the trail ends near the Pittsford Old Erie Canal trail, just on the other side of Monroe Ave.  Combing the Auburn Trail, the Pittsford Old Erie Canal Trail, and the current erie canal trail makes a good loop.
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    Trail Features

    Location: Pittsford, NY
    Length: 1.9 Miles 1-Way
    Uses: Hiking, Biking, Cross Country Skiing
    Difficulty: Easy
    Terrain: Dirt
    Topography: Flat

    Auburn Trail - Pittsford