Channing Philbrick Park

Channing Philbrick Park (formerly Linear Park) is located along Irondequoit Creek in Penfield.  This section of the creek includes several small falls and is popular with fisherman.  The park is split into east and west sections, with a pedestrian bridge over the creek located in the middle.  The west side of the park contains open fields and picnic areas while the west side of the park is dedicated to trails.  The main "Irondequoit Creek Trail", split into an east and west section, runs along the north bank of the creek.

Trail Overview

Irondequoit Creek Trail

This trail is the main draw of the park.  The east section provides scenic views of the creek and toward the far east end, includes several boardwalks and wooden bridges through wetland areas.  The west section is just hidden from view of the picnic areas and wraps around a bend in the creek.

Honey Creek Trails

The Honey Creek trails are located on the east side and connect the Irondequoit Creek trail up to the four-corners areas of Penfield Road main street.  They are well marked and fairly easy, but do traverse up an incline from the creek to the street.

Panorama Trail

This multi-use trail starts at the west section of the park and follows the creek beyond the park boundary under the Route 441 bridge and connects to the back parking lot of Panorama Plaza.

Trail Heads and Parking

The main park entrance is located off Route 441 on "Linear Park Drive".  An upper parking area with about 6 spots is located adjacent to the foot bridge, which is closed to traffic.  This area is great for accessing the east trails, including the Honey Creek trails and the trail head is well marked.  There is some parking on the opposite side of the bridge accessible from North Washington Street. 

The west section of the park and the Panorama Trail are best accessed via the lower parking lot using the Linear Park Drive entrance.  The trail head for the Panorama Trail is about 100 feet west of the parking lot.  This trail can also be accessed from a trail head in the back parking lot, behind the shopping center, of Panorama Plaza.

Finally several trail heads for the Honey Creek trails provide access from the four corners area of Main Street.  The yellow trail has a trail head on Five-Mile Line road.  The White Trail has a trail head on Mott's Lane.

Trail Features

Location: Penfield, NY
Length: 2.6 miles total

Irondequoit Creek Trails
East (Dark Green on Map):  0.8 miles - Easy, Flat - Dirt with boardwalks and bridges

West (Orange on Map, marked with Red Markers): 0.5 miles - Easy, Flat - Dirt

South (Purple on Map): <0.1 mile - Medium - Dirt

Honey Creek Trails

White: 0.3 miles
Yellow: 0.1 miles
Red: 0.1 miles
Unmarked (Grey on Map): <0.1 miles

Panorama Trail: (Light Green on Map) 0.8 miles, easy, flat

Channing Philbrick Park