Erie Canal Trail

The Erie Canal Towpath is arguable the most popular and well-known trail in Rochester.  It connects many of Rochester's surrounding towns, including running through the center of the "Canal Towns" of Newark, Fairport, Pittsford, Spencerport, and Brockport.
The present day canal in the Rochester Area actually follows the old Barge Canal.  The original Erie Canal actually connected into downtown Rochester along the former Broad Street aqueduct, roughly following along route 390.  The barge canal instead connected to the Genesee River in the center of Genesee Valley park.  The towpath was used by horses to pull barges of freight along the canal.
Trail Heads
Note: This site contains "Rochester" trail segments between Medina and Newark.   Additional segments continuing on toward Buffalo and Syracus might be added to the site at some point in the future. 

Trail Features

Location: Medina, Albion, Holley, Brockport, Spencerport, Greece, Brighton, Pittsford, Perington, Fairport, Macedon, Palmyra, Newark
    Total 78.8 miles
  1. Newark to Palmyra: 8.7 miles
  2. Palmyra to Macedon: 3.8 miles (Lock 30 Canal Park in Macedon)
  3. Macedon to Fairport: 7.7 miles
  4. Fairport to Busnell Basin: 4.0 miles
  5. Busnell Basin to Pittsford: 2.9 miles
  6. Pittsford to Genesee Valley Park: 7.0 miles (Many portions are paved.  Locks 32 and 33 in this section.)
  7. Genesee Valley Park to Greece Canal Park: 8.6 miles
  8. Greece Canal Park to Spencerport: 3.1 miles
  9. Spencerport to Adams Basin: 2.9 miles
  10. Adams Basin to Brockport: 4.7 miles
  11. Brockport to Holley: 5.3 miles
  12. Holley to Albion: 9.0 miles
  13. Albion to Medina: 11.1 miles
Uses: Hiking, Biking
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Gravel or Paved
Topography: Flat

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