Genesee River Trail

The Genesee River trail is a paved trail running from Genesee Valley Park north to the city and then on to Lake Ontario.   South of the city, there is the option of taking either the east bank or west bank trail or combing these two routes to make a loop.  The east-side trail passes through the U of R campus.
The trail becomes disconnected, however, upon entering downtown, ending either on the east side near Court Street and the Dinosaur BBQ or on the west side through Corn Hill and toward Plymouth Ave. almost near Frontier Field.
The best route to proceed through downtown is along the west side following Exchange which turns to State St. and then into Lake Ave.   This route passes by the High Falls overlook.
The northern section picks up again and Maplewood Park (Lake Ave. and Driving Park Ave.).   A sidewalk trail proceeds along the river and connects with the footbridge over to Seneca Park Zoo.  Staying on the west side however, leads past Kodak and the Holy Sepulchre cemetery.  The trail then follows the ond trolly line along the river edge before gradually decending into the gorge. At the turning point bend, a new foot bridge allows trailgoers a route over the river and around a wetland area. 
Trail Heads
Genesee Valley Park provides the best launching point for the southern section.
At the north end of the trail, there is a parking lot along River St. at the end of the trail.  This trail head is also a short distance from Lake Ontario park so the ferry terminal also provides a good starting point.
Midway along the northern section of the trail, Turning Point Park also provides a good access point with some parking.
Connecting and Nearby Trails
  • At Genesee Valley Park, you can pick up the Genesee Valley Greenway which continues to follow the river South to Mount Morris.
  • Also at Genesee Valley Park, the trail connects with the Erie Canal Trail providing an easy route east to Pittsford or west to Greece and Spencerport.
  • Also, the norther section of the trail connects to a footbridge across the river heading to Seneca Park and trails in the north part of that park.

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Trail Features

Location: Rochester, NY
Length: 9.1 miles (excluding disconnected section through downtown Rochester)
    South Section: 3.1 miles
    North Section: 6.0 miles
Uses: Hiking, Biking, Cross-Country Skiing
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Paved & Wood Plank Bridge
   South Section: Flat
   North Section: Medium Incline (descending into the river gorge near Turning Point Park)

Genesee River Trail