Lehigh Valley Trail

The Lehigh Valley Trail follows the path of the former Lehigh Valley Railroad, running east-west through the towns of Henrietta, Rush, and Mendon.   The rail line has been converted to a trail with a smooth gravel and crushed stone path and new wooden bridges over the railroad truss that cross the Genesee River, Honeoye Creek, and other underpasses.

North Extension

Starting at the former site of the Rochester Junction station, the North Extension (or North Branch) trail is partially complete running 5 miles north into Henrietta.  The North Branch trail currently ends just south of the NYS Thruway (near Erie Station Rd).  However, plans are in place to extend the trail north to Lehigh Station road where a series of road connection and other trail segments will provide for connection to the Erie Canal Trail.
Trail Heads
On the east end of the trail, a small parking area can be found off Phillips Road.

On the west end of the trail, ends at the Genesee River, connecting to the Genesee Valley Greenway trail.  There is no convenient parking area at this end.  The best option is to park in Scottsville at Canawaugus Park, then follow the Greenway trail south about 2.6 miles to the Lehigh Valley Trail junction.  Alternately, the first parking area along the trail is located about 1.7 miles east off East River Rd.

There are about 8 small parking areas located along the trail at various road crossings (marked on the map to the right).

Parking for the North Branch is near the site of the former Rochester Junction station off Plains Rd.

Connecting and Nearby Trails
  • The east end of the trail joins with the Auburn Trail, south of Powder Mills Park.
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Trail Features

Location: Scottsville, Henrietta, Rush, Mendon, Victor
Uses: Hiking, Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Horse Back Riding (Main Trail Only, no Horses on North Extension)
Main Trail - 15 miles
North Extension trail - 5.1 miles

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Gravel
Topography: Flat

Lehigh Valley Trail