Route 390 Trail

The Route 390 Trail is a 5.3 mile paved path located in Greece, NY running north-south approximately along side route 390.  It runs from route 104, near Olive Garden, almost to Lake Ontario, ending on Island Cottage Road.  The trail runs past Olympia High School and near Parkland-Brookside Elementary.  There are several wooded side trails (and an old Frisbee Golf Course) on either side of Vintage Lane.
Trail Heads
The southern end of the trail starts on the foot-bridge over route 104 near the on ramp to 390.  Parking near the Olive Garden or the Residence Inn is convenient.
The northern end of the trail is just north of the Lake Ontario State Parkway.  There is a little pond with limited parking off Island Cottage Road.  Otherwise parking near Schaller's and the Char Broil House about 0.75 miles north on Island Cottage Rd. works too. 
Following the trail is pretty straight forward except in crossing the Lake Ontario State Parkway.  The trail appears to end here with no obvious connection.  However, if you cross the median and proceed under the Route 390 overpass bridge, the trail will pick up on the other side. 
Also, at the Greece Olympia High School, do not follow the foot bridge which branches off to the west.
Food and Drink

  • Schaller's and the Char Broil House are located near the north end of the trail at Island Cottage Rd and Edgemere Dr. 
  • Continue another 3 miles eastward along Lake Ontario to reach Ontario Beach in Charlotte for some Abbott's ice cream.
Connecting and Nearby Trails
  • The Erie Canal trail is about 3 miles south of the southern end of the trail.  Follow route 104 west and turn south on Latona Rd. which turns into Lee Rd. until you get to the Canal trail.
  • The Genesee River Trail is located about 3 miles to the east and ends in Charlotte at Lake Ontario.
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    Trail Features

    Location: Greece, NY
    Length: 5.3 Miles 1-Way
    Uses: Hiking, Biking, Rollerblading
    Difficulty: Easy
    Terrain: Paved
    Topography: Flat

    Route 390 Trail