Rochester Trails

Thousand Acre Swamp

Located off Jackson Rd. in Penfield, NY, is the Thousand Acre swamp. The Nature Conservatory owns a 400 acre section of the thousand acre swamp which it operates as a nature preserve.  The preserve includes a network of short trails and boardwalks through the swamp for use in hiking and bird watching.  The is a small parking lot, tucked back a few hundred feet off the road, which is sometimes closed in the winter, however you can still find snow-shoers and cross-country skiers enjoying the trails when there is snow.

Trail Features

Location: Penfield, NY
Total Trail Length: 1.9 miles
Uses: Hiking, Cross-Country Skiing
Terrain: Dirt and Boardwalks
Trails: (Color as shown on Map)
Boardwalk Trail - 0.1 mi (Dark Blue)
Deer Run Trail - 0.3 mi (Red)
Entrance Trail - 0.2 mi (Yellow)
Hermit Walk - 0.4 mi (Brown)
Meadows Trail - 0.2 mi (Light Green)
Song Bird Trail - 0.2 mi (Orange)
Trillium Trail - 0.1 mi (White)
Warbler Fen - 0.2 mi (Dark Green)
Way Pond Trail - 0.1 mi (Light Blue)
Weasel Way - 0.1 mi (Purple)

Thousand Acre Swamp