Whiting Road Nature Preserve

The Whiting Road Nature Preserve is a multi-use (non-motorized) nature area owned by the Town of Webster.  A series of trails has been constructed and is maintained by the Friends of Webster Trails organization.
Trail Heads
  • The main trail head is located on the west side of Whiting Road, about 0.6 miles south of Lake Rd.  There is limited parking at this entrance along with detailed trail information and maps.
  • A second entrance can be found off Pellett Rd.  This entrance, which connects to the white trail, is mainly for connecting to the Gosnell Preserve, located just across Pellett Rd.  The only trail leading to this trail head is the white trail, which is short, but fairly steep.
Connecting and Nearby Trails
  • The Whiting Road Nature Preserve connects to Webster Park on the east and to the Gosnell Preserve on the west.
  • The Hojack Trail is located 1.2 miles to the south of the Whiting Road Entrance or 1.8 miles to the west of the Pellett Rd. entrance (along Lake Rd.).
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Trail Features

Location: Webster, NY
Length: 3.5 Miles (total of all trails)
Uses: Hiking, Biking, Cross Country Skiing
Terrain: Dirt
Topography: Hilly
Blue Trail: 0.7 miles (easy)
Yellow Trail: 0.4 miles (intermediate)
Organge Trail: 1.3 miles (intermediate)
Red Trail: 0.9 miles (difficult)
White Trail: 0.2 miles (difficult)

Whiting Nature Preserve