Terms Of Use

This page details the terms of use (the TERMS) for the Rochester Trails Web-page (the SITE).  By accessing, viewing, downloading, or printing any web-page on the SITE, you agree to abide by these TERMS.
    1) HAZARDS: Use of trails for any purpose, including recreational purposes is inherently dangerous and may result in injury including death and damage of equipment and property.  Participating in any activities including, but not limited to, hiking, cycling, and skiing is also inherently dangerous and may result in injury including death and damage of equipment and property.  You agree to undertake such activities at your own risk.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the operators and contributors to the SITE for any injury, including death to yourself or others and for any damage to property of equipment belonging to yourself or others while using the trails or participating in any such activities.
    2) TRAIL CONDITIONS: Trail conditions may change and vary.  Some conditions which can increase the dangers involved in use of the trails include, but are not limited to, water exposure (such as rain), snow, leaf cover, downed or overgrown trees and vegetation, and poor trail maintenance.  The operators and contributors to the site are not responsible for maintaining the trail or detailing or updating hazard warning and difficultly rating for the trails.  Even trails which are marked or otherwise described as "easy" are still inherently dangerous and incur the HAZARDS described above.  You agree to these TERMS regardless of trail rankings.
    3) TRAIL ACCESS: The SITE describes trails which are on both public and private lands.   Access to the trails is controlled by the owners or governments in charge of such lands (collectively LAND OWNERS) which may change at any time and may be revoked or limited rights at anytime without notice.  The owners and contributors to the SITE are not responsible for identifying such LAND OWNERS or providing contract information for the LAND OWNERS.  You agree to find and contact all LAND OWNERS and to obtain permission prior to any use of any trails.  You further agree to abide by any posted signs everywhere along the trails including those restricting or prohibiting access or any particular use (such as cycling, hunting, snowmobiling).  You agree to abide by any laws governing the use of the trails.  You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the operators and contributors of the SITE for any and all incidents and accidents resulting from any and all of your uses of the trail.
    4) EQUIPMENT:  The owners and contributors to the SITE recommend that you use all safety equipment, such as helmets and protective pads, for any activity on the trails or as required by law.  The owners and contributors of the SITE further recommend that you perform all maintenance to any equipment, such as skies or bicycles as recommended by the manufactures.  However, even use of safety equipment and proper maintenance do not eliminate the HAZARDS described above.
    5) PARKING:  The SITE describes convenient parking locations for some trails.  Such information is provided for your convenience without warranty of any kinds.  Suggested parking locations may on either public or private property.  You agree to obtain permission from the owners of any parking location property prior to use and abiding by any posted signs or applicable laws.  You further agree to idemnify and hold harmless the owners and contributors to the SITE for any fines, fees, or damages incurred by utilizing any parking.
    1) All pages and images (collectively the CONTENT) provided on the site are copyrighted and owned by the site operators or other third parties.  You make make a limited number of copies for personal, non commercial fair-use.  Any such copies (either electronic or printed in hard copy form) must further include this notice of the TERMS of use. You may not copy, re-sell, or distribute any CONTENT for any commercial purpose with-out prior permission.  All other uses are prohibited.
    2) Maps and some other content may be provides through third party providers such as Google Maps.   Such third party content may include additional terms of use as marked on such content or otherwise provided.  For example, Google Maps is subject to the additional terms provided here http://www.google.com/intl/en_us/help/terms_maps.html.  You agree to abide by all third party terms of use.
    1) These TERMS may be updated at any time without notice.  It is your responsibility and you agree to check the site periodically and within 24 hours prior to any use of any trail described by the site for the most up-to-date TERMS.  If you do not wish to agree to the updated TERMS, you agree to discontinue use of the site and destroy all copies of any CONTENT received or derived from the site.
Updated: October 21, 2008